Meet MatchaMei & Got Her a Fanart !

Meet MatchaMei & Got Her a Fanart !

Last Sunday, 14 Jan 2017, I got the chance to meet one popular cosplayer in Indonesia. People known her as MatchaMei , a cosplayer and beauty blogger, who travelled a lot to be a judge and guest star for cosplay competitions. This time she got invited to Semarang, at a Japanese pop-culture event called Jsoul Matsuri 9 at SMA 3 Semarang, Indonesia.

As me and my siblings hurried for the meet & greet, we finally arrived and got our tickets for the Meet & Greet. To get the tickets, we needed to buy her merchandise, can be any keychains or posters.

As we walked to the room, we noticed her sitting with her guard, cosplaying as Maki Nishikino from the anime Love Live ! series. I really like her Maki cosplay, she suited the character a lot ! 💕

Finally we got her signs on our posters and I gave her a fanart that I had made the day before, and she even complimented the drawing, what a day ! I’m not the only one who gave her a fanart, my brother gave her one too after I forced (sort of) him haha (didn’t post his because I got no permission)

done in sketchbook paper with Copics Ciao & Snowman drawing pen 😉

And because I couldn’t let this event pass just like that,
I asked her to pose with the fanart I got for her, and she has been kind enough to fulfill this request ! ☺️

That’s all for today’s post ! I’m still working on this new blog of mine, hopefully I can take care of it well. Thanks for reading ! 😊

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