About me

📌 This site is currently under construction 📌

Hello ! I’m Denise Sherlyn or known online as HazelnutChan – an artist and an animation student based in Indonesia.After years not having a proper site to share my works and thoughts , I decided to create a proper site & blog, and here I am now ! 😄

There was a time when I had silly blogs (yes, silly) , since I actually got them without actually knew about what I wanted to post. What I knew was that I wanted to have a blog and wanted to write there. But time passes and now I’ve got enough understanding to create a proper blog, site with a proper purpose.

As time passes, I grew my love on art and drawing, and I’m now an artist and animation student. As a freelance artist, I create illustrations and personal web comic, normally specialized in Japanese anime style drawing, and slowly expanding to cartoons style or even mix between them ! 😊

As an animation student, I work on drawings and projects on daily basis. I hope I can update soon with more contents published online ! 🌷

Beside drawing or artworks related posts, I will also write things about my passion for cute & positive things on lifestyle based posts, my adventures and discoveries on life. And hopefully made it worth reading & sharing !

– Hazel –